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Trade Altcoins with Bitcoin


Our exchange runs on the fastest servers and instant deposit and withdrawal.

DDoS Mitigation to protect us and guarantee 99% up-time stability.


We take our security very seriously. live backups and

encrypted wallets and much more..


We take quick responses and resolutions. Our team is available every day.

We resolve any issues quickly.


Here no deposit and withdrawal fee taken.

We take lowest fee on listing any bitcoin based altcoins.

About Micromm

Micromm is a crypto exchange company, multicurrency and multifunctional online platform based on blockchain technology. There buyer and seller meet each other. Micromm is a unique service that allows individuals to access from the comfort of their home in fiat currencies or crypto-currencies. Micromm is a multi-functional platform which allows each participant to keep money in a multi-currency online wallet, buy and sell currency on the exchange.